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Tuesday, October 23
  it's an amazingness.
the best thing in this world has to be friends. cause when everything and everyone else gets you down. the only thing that makes you feel better is friends. you dun need a special place. you dun need to get dressed up. you dun need to look pretty or smell good. (but they always look pretty and smell good. :P) you dun need to ask permission. you dun need to think of things to talk about. (we never run out of things to talk about. even silence is good) if you get chided it goes to show how much you are loved. you can be random. abrupt. out of point. retarded. beechy. girly. conceited. loud. moody. drunk. we can throw up on one another. you can be promiscuous. you can like trashy shows. you can have tendencies.
you can even like Umbrella ella eh.
it doesnt matter.

we noe each other & we noe what we mean when we say things. we noe what the other is thinking whilst it's still a confused thought in our heads.
but we dun have to understand each other all the time.

& i always walk away feeling like Someone. not just a person. but Someone who noes i mean something to someone else. & i am loved.

so World, you can just go away now.
cause all i want are my friends.
Wednesday, September 19
  what to do.
when "a day at a time" doesnt really apply cause everyday the same ghosts haunt you.
when bags & shoes no longer make you smile.
when you're left entertaining the possibility.
when you're reminded of her laughter.
when you arent suposed to get your lashes wet.
when you get so so mad but cannot do anything about it.
when you know he's hurting but you just cannot summon the courage or strength to lend a hand.
when the pple around you do not know Discretion.
when the words are at the tip of your tongue but you bite on it.
when you're up in the middle of the night waiting for your hair to air dry because you're too tired to pat it down.
when he offers you a cup of coffee that you noe you shouldnt accept.
when all you want to do about everything is nothing.
when tears fill your eyes and you know you'll feel so much better if you just let it all out.
when the only person she seems to care about it herself.
when you dont know where to go from here.
when it's too early to be jaded.
when apparently the 2nd year is the toughest.
when it's only your voice that you hear.
when 9hrs of sleep still leaves you tired.
when all the answers you have don't answer anything.
Saturday, August 11
  to continue the shoe rant.
if you're wondering why certain mates (& about to add self in list) have recently posted similar entries on shoes, vanity and proof that women do have limitless threshold for pain, it's because the topic came up whilst we sipped whisky at members and tried to talk above the retro music blasting in the background.

i just have a few things to add.
- if you manage to get foot into shoe. IT FITS.
- if certain red soled heel is on sale and toes are cramped/ piled on top of each other/ hanging out. do not worry. when there's a will there's a way, amputation is a last option.
- ignore cuts and pain in small/big toe & heel area, it will go away once your foot becomes numb.
- if you need plasters, Angel keeps spares in her wallet.
- if you do bleed, welcome to the club, water works fine on stains.

that wraps it up from me. :)
Thursday, July 26
right smack on the front page of Life! you read that harry potter doesnt die.


how can they just..print it ON THE FRONT PAGE!!

of course when you flip the papers open, on top it reads "warning spoilers ahead."
too blardeeee late doooood.
Saturday, July 14
so im not sure why im unusually chirpy for this time of the night. which is possibly why the conversation i had with mark went like this:

me: oh..remm when we were courting (yes i said courting.) we went to adam rd (hawker centre) & smthing pivotal happened there! but i cant remm wad!! can youuu??

mark: huh..err i bought the extra baghadil & put it into your soup??

me: in conversation..something we said la..

mark: you mean like between the hawkers & us??

*bangs had against wall*
Sunday, June 3
current object of desire.

Cartier's lovecharity bracelets. it puts a minor dent in pocket compared to other pieces
from the LOVE collection & a portion of sale goes to charity. :)

ooOooh!! & it comes in many many colours wor!! (which is biggest problem now.)

Rihanna for Believe
Eva Mendes for The Art of Elysium
Djimon Hounsou for SOS Children’s Villages
Julianne Moore for the Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance
Elie Wiesel for The Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity
Rachel Weisz for The Constant Gardener Trust
Usher for the New Look Foundation
Faith Hill and Tim McGraw for the Neighbor’s Keeper Foundation

Friday, May 18
  throwing the towel in
i'd recently embarked on a quest to find the largest, softest towel around. i was actually alright with using my old one. my old ratty, stained with hair dye one until mark pointed out that perhaps i should invest in a new one (possibly after one night when i found my head fit through a large hole in the middle of the towel).

but u noe it's really not that easy at all, finding that Perfect Towel to finish off a most satisfying and relaxing bath. au contraire, it's really difficult. (& not jus cos im fussy or anything..) so anyways my search took me to John little. Takashimaya. Isetan. Spotlight & even Aussino. It was finally in Robinson's that i eventually found one that fulfilled most of the criteria i have for my PT.

the PT has to obviously be soft & fluffly. you wouldn't believe many of the could-double-as-sandpaper ones i ran my hand over at some stores. it's gotta be just the correct size. there are stacks upon stacks of face towels, hand towels, slightly larger hand towels, bath towels and beach towels, numerous times i pulled out what i thought would be the PT only to find it was a face towel in disguise. i dunno about you, but my PT has gotta be large enough so i can dry myself and my hair. on the other hand, it can't be so huge i can't fit it on my railing. then of course there's the pattern on the PT. a little trimming is acceptable, but nothing too gaudy or it'd feel like a hotel towel. personally i like my towels to be one colour, so no pictures or prints (with the exception of the anna sui ones i saw, that had a gorgeous little insignia embroided on & also cost 2 or 3 times a normal towel would.)

that's not all is it. there're so many things you find out about towels AFTER you've used them for the first time.

you noe how in movies, after the lead actress takes a shower she always seems to be wrapped up in the softest, fluffiest towel ever. that's where i think i got my notion of the PT from. (damn movies.) but so often, the towel disappoints. you either find out it's really coarse and would be better used as an exfoliater instead. or you find it doesn't absorb water as well as it should. you might even realize that it sheds lint with every wipe. or that holes start appearing after the 2nd or 3rd wash. it could honestly be quite infuriating if you think about it.

what's occured to me after all this while, is that searching for that PT is like searching for the Perfect Guy! :) there're criteria that have to be fulfilled as a partner & perhaps a certain way they should look. you search in different places & sometimes you have your eye on one but realize they're not available ( like a towel that's indefinitely out of stock). sometimes after you decide to take a chance on a guy, you realize he isn't all he seems to be. and then things might work out but after awhile get too strained or tiring that you give up. so you dump the old one and start hunting for a new one all over again!

im in no way belittling guys by comparing them to towels.
trust me. i take my towels very seriously.
Thursday, May 17
  so true.
i got this from the chinese drama on ch8 @ 9pm.

"a man is successful when he can earn more than his wife spends"
"a woman is successful when she finds that man."

made me laugh quite hard. i think i startled my dad (& got him alittle worried).

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